About Us

We are an independent, local, family owned real estate company. Licensed in Texas and the European Union, we are locally known and globally connected. Our passion is empowering people by providing no nonsense, no fluff, well thought out solutions to the real estate sale and acquisition process.


Knowledge is power, and for upscale homeowners in particular it is imperative that you keep up to date with accurate details regarding the latest trends and developments that affect you and your investment in your home.


We are a trusted, experienced company that has created a unique business model by identifying the needs and wants of our clients, the upscale market of DFW Metroplex. Moreover, we have assembled a team comprised of some of the most respected, passionate, talented and well informed local professionals in the fields of real estate. In fact, we set the standard, redefining it in terms of impartial professional opinions and the use of cutting edge technology. Like us, we want you to rethink real estate.


At DKW Realty, not only are we a proud member of the local real estate community, but we are licensed internationally and are part of a global network of real estate professionals, with experience and valuable connections worldwide. This offers a distinct advantage, particularly for owners of upscale properties. In conjunction with our customized sales approach, via our no nonsense “Smart4Real Strategy ©”, we also know how to connect with international customers and facilitate transactions in this niche, which is becoming increasingly important for high-end sellers. We are able to provide professional, quality advice and exposure to all the relevant places where real estate is sold, both around the corner and around the globe.


Given our years of experience both in the U.S. and overseas, at DKW we are well equipped to serve the upscale market. Our business is truly international in scope. Acquiring a European Union license is no small feat. It required over a year of studying abroad and we have been cultivating all of the necessary connections for much longer than that. Today, your potential for reaching buyers is worldwide and virtually unlimited, but only with the assistance of a knowledgeable, experienced agency that knows how to successfully represent their clients in the vast international marketplace.


Some additional background might be helpful. We created our different business model as a response and solution to a truly “nightmarish" residential real estate purchase - the result of ill advice we received years ago when we purchased our upscale home in Colleyville. Not wanting others to suffer the consequences of making impulsive, costly decisions, we decided to “educate" our clients via the many articles, videos and animations that we have created and can be viewed on this website.


After all, for people to be active participants in the decision making process, they need to know their options and what better way than with a no-nonsense approach that will never insult your intelligence or try to manipulate you.


The fact of the matter is, gathering and analyzing information when you’re either buying or selling a home can be confusing and overwhelming. There is so much disinformation, manipulation, and misconceptions about real estate out there. Most of it, frankly, is utterly irrelevant to your local area.The goal of our animations, videos and articles is to “filter” all that information, raise your awareness and provide you with insight into the complexities of real estate.


You need to also keep in mind that luxury home buyers are not buying out of necessity, and they are not just buying a house. They are buying a lifestyle. We therefore advertise alongside your property the relevant information about the city’s life and events that create that lifestyle. The local real estate owners need information that speaks directly to their real estate needs and concerns in clear, concise language that always offers only the straight truth on the topic.


We strongly welcome and encourage your suggestions, questions and feedback.



Not only we invest significant amount of money in the sale of your house but also Guarantee Your Satisfaction.


Unlike most real estate agents who want you to sign long term Listing Agreements we will not keep you “hostage” if you are not satisfied with our service. We put in writing that you may terminate our Listing Agreement with 72 hour written notice if you are not satisfied, provided there is no offer and/or sales contract in progress.


At DKW we understand that time is too precious to waste it with people that don’t deliver and/or meet your expectations.


We do not want to just list your home, we want to sell it.


Please contact us if our business model makes sense to you. We would like the opportunity to meet with you and earn your business.




Vice-President of DKW Realty International
Realtor ®, Eco Broker International ®
Licensed in TX, USA and European Union